Starting with Talend ETL

So. I've been working with Informatica PowerCenter (ETL) for almost 10 years. Believe me is the best product if the companies can pay it.

Well... time to time I like to look around and learn new tools, my new goal was Pentaho and ODI (Oracle Data Integrator), but a really good friend told me about a project with Talend that needs maintenance and told me the reason "why he choosed Talend > Pentaho"... The main reason; Licensing and the second he need it an Open Source solution for 6 months integrations.

Today I received a great introduction to Talend and I started comparing the "elements" and components used to create jobs and how they work.

As everyone I started from the beginning at talend.com and now I'm checking this great Blog "Talend by Example".

I will keep you posted!

Many position changes... Talend is now on hold but I'm sure would be a must in a long term...


- Juan